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Sungha Jung Live In Singapore

Sungha Jung Live In Singapore

Ukulele Movement (S) Pte Ltd
3rd December 2011 08:00PM
DBS Auditorium
Owner: Yuda
This is a public event.


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Tickets: S$65, S$55, S$45, S$30

Sungha Jung who just turned 15 years old has been touted by many netizens as one of the most talented youngest fingerstyle acoustic guitarist of our generation. Born in South Korea, Jung first picked up the guitar in early 2006 after watching his father play. He then taught himself by watching video clips on the internet.

In a few months, he could play so well that his father posted his first video on Youtube and to date he has more than 400 videos, of which his cover of Pirates Of The Caribbean theme song has more than 22 million views. He has also won numerous awards on YouTube and garnered close to half a million subscribers.

At the age of 14, Jung released his first acoustic guitar album in 2010 titled ‘Perfect Blue’ produced by renowned German musicians: fingerstylist Ulli Boegershausen and composer Thomas Kessler.

Jung picked up the ukulele in 2006 after watching Jake Shimabukuro’s infamous cover of ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’. Without any music scores, he figured out the notes and fingering after a few hours. The recent video of his ukulele arrangement of ‘I’m Yours’ hit more than 2 million views in less than 6 months of posting.

Jung’s inaugural performance in Singapore would include acoustic guitar and ukulele. His repertoire includes pop, rock, and new age.

Purchase your tickets here: http://www.sistic.com.sg/cms/events/index.html?contentCode=jung1211

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