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General Topics (News, Musicians, Gossips etc etc etc)
A general discussion forum for members of the network to share information on music-related matters.
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"Hello!Are you an acoustic band or player? Are you looking for a place to s" - Krizia
Latest Post 4 years ago
Concert Items Buy/Sell
When shit happens
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"" - martin
Latest Post 3 years ago
Music Recommendation Thread
The place to recommend and request for recommendations!
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"I saw Amanda Tee performing last week at East Coast Park and honestly, she‚" - Tpre
Latest Post 6 years ago
Just For Laughs!
Anything to spice up the day =)
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"Duplicate timepieces are incredibly self applied-owned or operated since th" - nanguo
Latest Post 5 years ago
Latest Albums/Songs/Performances!
Discuss about upcoming albums, songs, performances etc!
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"https://youtu.be/sCrNLwnO0rA" - Nick
Latest Post 2 years ago
Looking For Concert/Gig Companions
Nobody to go with? There're many out there just like you!
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"" - Hong Mun
Latest Post 5 years ago
The "Demand a Band/Artiste in Singapore" Thread
If the demand for the band/artiste to play in Singapore is large, chances of promoters bringing them here will be significantly increased!
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"I would really love to have DGD to be in this Lion City !!!!Jonny craig ! t" - il partit
Latest Post 6 years ago
Concerts/Gigs in the Region
Any big names landing in the region but not in Singapore? Let us know about it!
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"1st Wa" - gc
Latest Post 3 years ago
Thread for Musicians
Anything with regards to learning music, looking for band members, and all things related to playing music!
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"Hahah, thanks man. Don't know why we won, I felt that it wasn't too great o" - Zamir
Latest Post 7 years ago
Suggestions and Feedback
Feel free to suggest or feedback to us whether you are happy or unhappy about anything here! We are open to your suggestions and feedback!
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"cool =)" - Yuda
Latest Post 7 years ago
Keep us updated on the latest music contests, whether it is music writing, or just simply standing a chance to win concert tickets etc!
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"" - Matt
Latest Post 4 years ago
Big Night Out 2010 Contest!
Your route to winning 2 Tickets (Free Standing Pen A) to Big Night Out 2010!
669 20
"amazing! good job! keep up the good work! " - yan
Latest Post 8 years ago