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Paulaner Brauhaus Singapore

Paulaner Brauhaus Singapore

9 Raffles Boulevard, Time Square @ Millenia Walk, Contact: (+65) 6883 2572
9 Raffles Boulevard
Owner: Live4MusiC
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Operating Hours:

Sun to Thu - 1130am to 1am
Fri, Sat & PH Eves - 1130am to 2am

Lunch - 1230pm to 230pm (Mon to Fri Except PH)
Sunday German Brunch - 1130am to 230pm
Dinner - 630pm to 1030pm (Daily)


Contemporary Rock, Pop, Acoustic

The house band plays mainly contemporary pop/rock songs and is very much vocals-focused. Without the room for drums, most of the sound is synthesized except for the electric guitar, which can hardly be heard most of the time. If you're a fan of good pleasant pop vocals, this is the place for you. If you're looking to rock out, look elsewhere.

Food & Drinks:

With the kitchen and brewery helmed by Executive Chef Jody Yu and resident Brewmaster Alex Buchner respectively, one can be well-assured of the standards and quality served. Bavarian cuisine can be best described to be hearty, comforting and unpretentious in its presentation, seating well with local taste.

What better way to start your meal than with a Pair of Weisswurst Sausages ($11)? Served with a light potato salad and a salted Brezl'n (a Bavarian term for pretzel), the sausages are flavourful but yet, not overwhelming. For something more savoury to go with the variety of complementary bread, the Dill Marinated Salmon ($13.50) will prove to be a good choice. High in omega-3 fatty acids, the fish has a nice chewy texture, contrasting well against the refreshing crabmeat, avocado tartar and green grape salsa. As a whole, it makes for a rather guilt-free appetizer and like most of the items on the menu, perfect for sharing amongst friends.

A trip to any German eatery will not be complete with their signature Grilled Pork Knuckle – Gegrillte Schweinshaxe ($26.50). The sizeable pork knuckle is light and crispy on the outside, yet tender and succulent on the inside, perfect with some of their Munich Lager. Rather substantial, this main course is served with German bread dumplings and sauerkraut, which translates literally as sour cabbage. A less intimidating main would be the Kassler Rippchen mit Frankfurter ($24.50), featuring a grilled smoked pork loin, served with a sausage, boiled potatoes and sauerkraut. The pork loin did come across as too savoury, but this was easily countered when enjoyed with some of their sweet mustard or boiled potatoes. For the ladies, the Fresh White Asparagus (250g for $13.90, 500g for $26) is a definitely must-try. Its uniqueness lies in its large size (averaging 2cm in diameter) and white appearance, due to the fact that it is grown in the absence of light. Even when eaten plain, the subtle flavour of the asparagus is evident, probably because it is grown in sandy soil mixed with seashells. However, they are served with a topping of air-dried ham, brown butter and Hollandaise sauces to ensure your utmost enjoyment of these delicacies.

Desserts at Paulaner are in a class of their own, with most of them involving some hint of alcohol. While the Grandma's Warm Apple Strudel ($9.50) may seem innocent enough, it is given a touch of bourbon within its sauce. What results is a warm, comforting mix that delivers just the right amount of saccharine goodness. For those without a sweet-tooth, the Rote Grütze ($9) will be an ideal match. Fresh mixed berries are stewed in red wine and served with vanilla ice-cream; a tangy concoction that you will never tire of.

And do not forget what they are famous for! Paulaner's Beer definitely lives up to its German origins. One my all-time favourite. Try out the 1-litre mug if you haven't before!


The bar, located on the first floor, is capable of seating a hundred indoors and a hundred-fifty al fresco. An executive crowd, coming in as early as six in the evening, comprises mainly of boisterous professionals, unwinding after a long day. The second and third levels charms with a more intimate setting of opulent furnishing and walls lined with German etchings and pictures, boasting both a contemporary and traditional look. Tall ceilings are further emphasized by the Maibaum, or Maypole, a 16 th century architectural feature that runs through the two levels of the restaurant, adding much grandeur to the dining area.

Website: http://www.paulaner.com.sg

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