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Se7en 1nch

Se7en 1nch

3B River Valley Road #01-16 The Foundry
3B River Valley Road #01-16 The Foundry
Owner: Yuda
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Se7en1nch's specialty is live and loud rock 'n' roll so make sure you stop by to check out house band, Last Clean Shirt, who will be playing sets from their eclectic playlist with songs ranging from Hendrix and Zeppelin to Kings of Leon.

For music this good, you need eye candy to match, which is why the seductive Se7en1nch professional pole dancers will be performing on stage all night long.

If you've ever wondered what inspired the creative minds of the great artists, poets and writers of the late 19th and early 20th century, look no further than Se7en1nch's range of absinthe cocktails and shooters. From the Seven Deadly Sins, to the Duck My Sick, to the Flaming Suicide, at up to 85% alcohol volume and made from only the finest imported absinthe, if this doesn't get the creative juices flowing, nothing will!

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