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Nov 9th

B-Quartet's Farewell Gig with White Shoes & The Couples Company and Saycet

By Yuda
In what is the first gig organized by a new promoter in Singapore, Figure8 Agency, that we have attended, the effort put into this gig has to be applauded. Bringing 3 great bands on one night: Headliners, White Shoes & The Couples Company from Indonesia, Supporting Acts Saycet from France and our very own B-Quartet from Singapore.

The gig opened with musicians from a faraway land, France, Saycet. An electronic band that classifies themselves with Ambient/Pop/Visual. This band brings progressiveness, a feeling of melancholy and solitude in most of their tracks. Music that goes far beyond audio but an entire experience. And with any experience, it is never complete without the visuals, which is something Saycet has crafted so well into their stage performance. Their genre of music is not familiar territory to me but their musical talent is apparent. 

2nd act of the night comes B-Quartet, which really is the band I was looking forward to for this gig. Having caught one of their last performances at Esplanade, you just cannot turn down the opportunity to watch them a last time before they go into hiatus. This is one of the bands that I can confidently say makes Singaporean musicians proud. The originality, musicality, complexity and expressiveness in their music is one of a kind. However reluctant we may be, let's wish them all the best in their endeavours. What we can be sure of, is that they've left behind masterpieces that will live on.

The headliner of the night from Indonesia, White Shoes & The Couples Company spots a retro outlook apparent from their hairstyle and costumes. With a traditional retro take mixed with indie pop elements, they certainly managed to bring out their own style. The vocal abilities of most of the members enable them to pitch their vocal harmonies to perfection, which is impressive by any standards. With the music heavily fronted by strong basslines, you can be sure about the groove of their music. Dancing will not be an option.  

For the rest of the videos, please click here.

We thank Figure8 agency for this fantastic opportunity to work together and we look forward to their next event, UpToTheSky Festival on 3rd Dec featuring The Trees & The Wild (ID), White Shoes & The Couples Company (ID), Tenderfist (MY), The Great Spy Experiment (SG), The Cambodian Space Project (KH), Deerhoof (USA) and much more to come. 

Nov 3rd

Nickelback No. 1 Passion-Killers (Rock News Desk)

By Yuda

One in eight music fans will decide not to sleep with you if they discover you likeNickelback, suggests a survey.

And they’d actually be LESS turned off if you were into Justin BieberLady Gaga or Katy Perry.

The arena pop-rockers have been named the number-one passion killers in music, ahead of ColdplayU2 and Creed plus a stack of chart-fodder outfits.

The information was revealed by users ofTastebuds.fm, a website which matches single people according to their musical preferences.

In the survey, over 13% of people said you’d end the night alone if they were to findChad Kroeger and co on your MP3 player. Women were slightly more likely to be turned off than men, with 14% of females naming the Canadians versus 11.8% of males.

Tastebuds boss Aled Parish says: "We were curious to know which bands people would be most horrified to discover when browsing their date’s iPod".

"Although sharing musical tastes with your partner is no the be all and end all, it can certainly help in maintaining a harmonious relationship. And we’ve seen it’s a great conversation starter".

"It’s always best to be honest about your taste in music, but perhaps don’t mention your fondness for Nickelback until you’ve got the wedding ring on your finger".

Top musical turn-offs:

01. Nickelback 13%
02. Justin Bieber 12%
03. Lady Gaga 9%
04. Ke$ha 5%
05. Coldplay 5%
06. U2 4%
07. Creed 4%
08. Katy Perry 4%
09. Lil Wayne 4%
10. Britney Spears 3%

Thanks for the report to RockNewsDesk.com. 
Nov 1st

Whitesnake Loves You...Forevermore

By Yuda
This is a song for ya!!!! *Trademark Coverdale Shrieks* 

This gig didn't start well for me at all...I forgot my tickets, which meant i didn't make it early enough for the merchandise...and I brought the wrong SD card, which meant i only managed to take one video. But as the sending home song after the entire gig sings...always look on the bright side of life :) I realised I didn't bring my tickets early enough not to miss the gig and since i brought the wrong SD card, I might as well enjoy the concert to the fullest!

With a setlist similar, if not exactly the same as their recent concerts before landing in Singapore, they kicked off with "Best Years". Just when you think they've hit their best, they just keep getting better!

What struck me the most from the start to finish was the tonal bliss throughout the entire performance. Doug Aldrich's and Reb Beach's guitars were piercing through the air with the searing solos, Michael Devin's and Brian Tichy's groove and beat pumping the hearts of the crowd, Brian Ruedy's keyboards creating an intense atmospheric sound and last but not least, David Coverdale's trademark vocals that could touch the souls of every single person at the venue. The sound was one of the best I've ever heard live. 

The build-up through the gig was perfect and personally, the highlights of the concert was the trademark ballad, Is This Love,

to the title track off their latest album, Forevermore, to the Whitesnake classics, Fool For Your Loving and Still of the Night, and the encore of Burn/Stormbringer and Bad Boy. 

It's like a dream to have heard Forevermore, Still of the Night and Burn live from Coverdale and Whitesnake will remain as one of the best classic rock bands to have ever lived.

Best of all, for all that attended the gig in Singapore, we had the privilege to experience an exclusive encore with "Bad Boy", something that wasn't part of the regular setlist. That's how hard you guys managed to rock the band.

Whitesnake, you guys will live on...Forevermore!

Nov 1st

Charice skips Singapore show (abs-cbnNEWS)

By Yuda

MANILA, Philippines - International singing sensation Charice cancelled her upcoming performance in Singapore, as she grieves over the death of her father Ricky Pempengco.

Charice made the statement on her official Twitter account, just after she found out about the murder of her father.

The singer apologized to her fans in Singapore who want to see her perform, but she explained that she needs to go back to Manila to be with her family, who are in mourning.

"I am very sorry to all my fans from Singapore. I am not going to be there to be part of David Foster and Friends concert. I have to go back to the Philippines as soon as possible to be with my family. I hope you all understand. I love you all and I will see you next year," Charice said.

Ricky, who is separated from Charice's mom Raquel, was stabbed in A. Bonifacio Road, Barangay Laram, San Pedro, Laguna.

A police report said Pempengco was in a drinking session and then left to buy a cigarette. The suspect, identified as Angel Capili Jr., approached him and stabbed him with an ice pick. Pempengco was able to walk away and then sit on a pavement, but the suspect went back to stab him to death.

The suspect quickly left the scene.

Authorities said Pempengco might have survived the stabbing had barangay officials been able to rush him to the hospital.

Raquel cries over estranged husband's death

Charice's mother burst into tears after she found out that her children's father was killed. In an exclusive interview with abs-cbnNEWS.com Tuesday morning, Raquel said she was unaware of Ricky's death.

She said Charice still does not know about the tragedy. "Hindi ko alam. Hindi ko alam ang nangyari. Si Charice, hindi pa din niya alam," said Raquel, crying.

Asked if she will go to Ricky's wake, Raquel said: "Hindi ko pa talaga alam, nabigla kami." 

- abs-cbnNEWS.com 
Nov 1st

Faye Wong concert starts with a bang but ends with puzzling finale (CNA)

By Yuda
By Han Wei Chou


SINGAPORE: Cantopop diva Faye Wong has an otherworldly quality to her whenever she performs in concert.

Her performance at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Saturday was no exception 

Wong kicked off the evening with her classic hit "Promise", followed by the hauntingly beautiful "Red Bean" to the cheers of the 6500-strong audience.

She appeared to retreat into her own little world whenever she sang, closing her eyes and letting her voice ring through the venue.

Wong was in fine form. Her vocals were impeccable and brought the lyrics that pass her lips to life.

The brilliant lighting design and amazing sets, along with Wong's gorgeous costumes served to accentuate Wong's vocal prowess.

She went on to perform a medly of hits like "I'm Willing" and "Sky", with her performance of the latter being the absolute highlight of the concert.

Wong sat on an intricately decorate platform suspended from the ceiling of the Singapore Indoor Stadium and began to sing "Sky" even as the platform moved to the centre of the venue, just inches above the heads of her fans.

Seeing their idol up close caused a stir among the audience members and some literally ran down the aisle with their cameras to photograph Wong, who took time to wave to her appreciative fans.

Wong's detached performance style is well documented, and true to form, that segment of the concert was probably the only time Wong interacted at length with her audience.

The rest of the time, she mostly stood still, giving an occasional wave and saying only 12 words to her fans - "Thank You" in Mandarin five times and once more in Cantonese.

However, her fans loved her anyway, showering her with applause every time she spoke and even more so as the concert moved into its final minutes.

A mysterious end

Ironically, her fans could not give her a rousing sendoff after the show's finale, which saw Wong perform "Flower of Paradise" before a giant mirror.

They simply did not know it was the final song of the evening.

When the song ended, Wong slipped away wordlessly, like she had done after every song during the concert.

The only difference was that this time, she never returned.

The lights gradually went on, and a picture of a lotus along with words that translate roughly as "for them" appeared on the two video screens at either side of the stage.

It took the audience a good five minutes or so to realise Wong wasn't coming back and start shuffling out the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Some departing audience members believed that it is an esoteric reference, to how the rebirth theme prevalent in the last part of her concert is connected to Wong's own Buddhist beliefs.

Others did not read too much into it and expressed that it is just Wong's unique style.

"Don't care whether you like it or not, she just go, don't even want to say goodbye to you," one concert-goer said of Wong's wordless departure.

- CNA 
Oct 31st

The Best #LessExcitingBandNames (UG)

By Yuda

There was a fantastic game yesterday which pitted the wits of Twitter users against each other to make each and every band name a little less exciting.

Don't let the concept fool you, because the results were often creative and hilarious. Here, we round up our favorite #lessexcitingbandnames:


  • Miffed Against the Machine 
  • Queens Of The Middle Ages
  • Carving Pumpkins 
  • They Might Be Midgets
  • Guns N' Dandilions
  • Cold day
  • 53 Cents
  • Wheezer
  • Green Mild Bell Peppers
  • You Too
  • Nuns N' Roses
  • Maybe Maybe Maybes
  • Near The Drive-In
  • Death Cab For Average-Looking
  • Flu Fighters
  • Foo Scuffles
  • Stone Temple Stewadess
  • Helium Zeppelin
  • 30 Seconds To Utah
  • Woodallica
  • My Chemical Toilet


If you want to join in the fun, be sure to add your contribution to the comments.

- Ultimate-Guitar
Oct 25th

Noel Gallagher rejects Liam Gallagher's offer to reform Oasis in 2015 (NME)

By Yuda

Noel Gallagher has rejected his brother Liam Gallagher's olive branch to reunite Oasisin 2015 for the 20th anniversary of '(What's The Story) Morning Glory?'. 

The band's ex-guitarist said his brother was welcome to go ahead and play their seminal album in its entirety, but said he would have no involvement in it. 

Gallagher told BBC Newsbeat: "He's got my permission to go and play it. He can play it if he wants. I don't mind. I left that band for a reason and that reason still stands."

Despite recently launching legal action against his brother, Liam said if the pair could put "their shit aside" he would consider playing their seminal album in its entirety. Noel also admitted previously that he may have been too hasty quittingOasis and he would have love to have toured their 1995 album again.

Meanwhile, the ex-Oasis chief also revealed that he knew about The Stone Roses reunion for some time. "We'd known for a while and were sworn to secrecy," he told The Daily Star. "It's great for the fans and for them and nice feeling just to see them together after so long. I love them as friends and as a band.

He added: "They've been split for 15 years, we split up 15 minutes ago. We're all waiting for The Smiths to do it. They say it won't happen but they said the same about the Roses."

- NME 
Oct 25th

Coldplay's Chris Martin: 'Our Lyrics Are Sh-t' (UG)

By Yuda

It’s very rare in the ego fest that is rock and roll to hear any artist talk to the detriment of their own music.

In an interview with the NME, however, Coldplay’s Chris Martinhas admitted that he is not up there with the likes of Bob Dylan orBruce Springsteen when it comes to writing lyrics: "I know our lyrics are a bit sh-t, but (the ones for new track Charlie Brown) I like them a lot."

It is perhaps unsurprising that the lyrics to Charlie Brown have led the singer to question his band’s prowess as wordsmiths. One particularly bizarre verse from the track reads as follows.

"My scarecrow dreams
When they smashed my heart into smithereens
I be a bright red rose come bursting the concrete
Be the cartoon heart

As Gigwise reports, the Coldplay front man has also asserted in the interview that his duet with pop star Rhianna on new albumMylo Xyloto is the highlight of the disc:

"Because we put the whole thing through as a story and there's a boy and a girl part, we thought 'who would we like to play the part of the girl?' Princess Of China was very much a back and forth, a duet.

"Top of our list was Rihanna. Bottom of our list was nobody else. We waited about a year and a half to pluck up the courage to ask her. That's my favourite bit of the album. It's the only bit I can bear to listen to because I'm not on it."

"Mylo Xyloto" is released today. Whether you think that Chris Martin is being modest about his lyrical prowess or agree with him that Coldplay’s lyrics are far from great, let us know in the comments section. 

- Ultimate-Guitar 
Oct 24th

New Releases @ HMV This Week (24th Oct - 30th Oct)

By Yuda

Rock & Pop

  • Mayer Hawthorne - How Do You Do
  • Coldplay - Mylo Xyloto
  • Darren Hayes - Secret Codes & Battleships

Classcial & Jazz

  • Michael Buble - Christmas
  • Susan Boyle - Someone To Watch Over Me

Please call stores (6733 1822 Somerset)  to check real-time stock availability as titles might be delayed without prior notice.

Oct 23rd

Muse To Release New Album In Fall 2012 (UG)

By Yuda

Muse are working on their new album and say it should be released by fall 2012.

Manager Anthony Addis told Billboard about the album progress:

"They've now gone into the recording studio," Addis said. "The plan is to do it all in London...Hopefully, [the album] might come out October next year. They've written a lot of material already but you don't know how it's going to gel between them all. They write constantly. They write on the road, so before or after a gig they'll write nearly every night. It's a serious process, but you don't know how it's going to turn out [until] you start practicing it together, because everybody's done it individually."

Can Muse really build on their past successes, considering how they've been at the top of the live-music game for so long? Addis thinks they have room for improvement in America, but the economy still isn't in their favour.

"We did a joint headline show with Rage Against The Machine in L.A. at the 90,000-capacity Memorial Coliseum and there were about 55,000 people there," Addis said. "People haven't got the money anymore. I think it's worldwide. I think it's just hitting into the U.K. now, as you can see with retail."

The manager says they have a tight strategy for making sure the fans come back next time. The secret, he says, is to mix a great show with a little science.

"You've got to give them an experience at the right price. We've increased worldwide [ticket sales] by 40% each time. And that's how we increase the fan base, because they've enjoyed it as a spectacle.

"Every night after the show we have an analysis of what went down right and what didn't, and all of that is logged in into a database. We know what happened in every show and every city going back all the years. If a number didn't go down well, then it will not appear in the set next time."

Muse recently waved goodbye to their 2001 album "Origin Of Symmetry" at the Reading And Leeds festivals in the UK. They played the modern classic from start to finish to celebrate its 10th anniversary, but also to draw a line under their past.

- Ultimate-Guitar