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Jun 17th

A Solution for Gig Organizers? Yay or Nay?

By Yuda
What do you guys think of a self-managed online ticketing system that allows you to collect payment through the net and support self-print tickets? 

It could save a lot of logistical hassles (time) for those who have been handling ticketing on their own and also allow you to keep track of your attendance status and your attendees. 

Yes there will be costs involved in the system but it'll be minimal.

Top that off with being able to market your event on the event listing, interact with your attendees, and sell your tickets through a single platform. Yep think Live4MusiC with ticketing facilities enabled!  

That's the idea in a nutshell, hope we can get some feedback be it positive or negative =)

Would it fit the puzzle? =)

Jun 2nd

Musicians, where are you???

By Yuda

LAST night, I attended a rather interesting meet-up with members of the arts community to discuss issues affecting, well, the arts community. Interestingly, there was strong representation – or representation, anyway – from almost every aspect of the arts except one: Music.

Where were you guys? Last time I checked, music was still considered an art form. And I’m not just talking about classical and jazz music. It’s a bit disappointing, since the Arts NMP Audrey Wong was there and from what I gathered, she ’s really interested in what can be done vis-a-vis the development of the local music scene.

But there’s got to be a strong consensus. Will there be a way for for everybody to come together over music? I know some of you have gripes about the abilities to push onward as local musicians or members of the local music industry. Here’s a thought: Perhaps you can ask your Arts NMP for some help, or at least, pointers to help your cause.

She has a Facebook page, you know? If any of you musos or music industry types are interested, it’s called Arts NMP (Singapore). www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=149593403966&v=wall&ref=search. Join it.

I’m sorry if I sound like I’m ranting but you know, I really, really think the indie music community should gather as a, er, community to press their case. Unless, of course, you feel everything is hunky dory. Then never mind. I was wrong. Just a thought to, er, think about.

Thank you for listening.

Sorry if I offended anybody’s sense and sensibilities.  Here’s a quote:

“Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”.

- Christopher Toh (Poparazzi) 

May 10th

Mother's Day Videos :)

By Lydia
2Pac, "Dear Mama"

In the late, great 2Pac's tribute to his mama, Afeni Shakur -- who gave birth to him a month after being released from jail -- the late rap icon says the words that every mother wants to hear: "You are appreciated."

Christina Aguilera, "Oh Mother"

Christina Aguilera is celebrating her second Mother's Day as a Mom with two-year-old Max, but this 2006 single addresses her own early childhood, as she thanks her mother for leaving her abusive father.

Kanye West, "Hey Mama"

Kanye West owes a lot to his mother Donda West, who retired from her job as an English professor to manage her son's career. This performance, filmed before Donda passed away unexpectedly in 2007, is a testament to their close bond.

Ozzy Osbourne, "Mama I'm Coming Home"

This 1991 track was actually written for Ozzy's wife and manager Sharon Osbourne, whom the hard-rocker refers to as "Mama."

The Rolling Stones, Mother's Little Helper

This Rolling Stones classic seems harmless, but a deeper listen actually reveals that the title is a reference to prescription drugs used by lonely housewives.

Crystal Bowersox, "Mama" 

Dubbed "Mama Sox" by her fellow season 9 "American Idol" contestants, Bowersox recorded this original song before her time on TV. 

 The Jackson 5, "Mama's Pearl"

Recorded by the Jackson 5 in 1971, "Mama's Pearl" was reportedly called "Guess Who's Making Woopie (With Your Girlfriend)" until the lyrics and title were changed to fit 13-year-old Michael.

John Lennon, "Mother"

John Lennon's song "Mother" is actually a song written for both his parents -- his father left when Lennon was only an infant, and his mother was killed in a car crash when he was 17.
 Elvis Presley, "Mama Liked The Roses"

Released in 1970 as a B-side to his classic single "The Wonder of You," Presley's song is in memory of mothers who can't be with their children on the holiday.

Spice Girls, "Mama"

The idea for this Spice Girls ballad arose in 1997, when Melanie "Scary Spice" Brown thought it would be a good idea to write a tribute for the mamas of the group.

Mar 8th

Stardust Competition 2010

By Lydia

stardust logo 1.jpg

Stardust is an annual nationwide talent search competition organized by the NUS Students’ Business Club (Bizad Club). It comprises of 3 categories: bands, soloists and dance. The competition is open to all individuals aged between 15 to 29 years.

This year, Stardust would be organized around the theme “Zero Gravity – Rock the World”. The slogan combines both our passion to do something for youths our age as well as our desire to help disadvantaged children. All net profits of this event goes to the Children's Cancer Foundation.

Registration fees at $18/40 for solo/band
Registration starts 15 Jan 2010!
Deadline: 25 Mar 2010 for solo vocalist & 20th Mar 2010 for bands!

Band maximum 5 members/group
$20,000 worth of attractive prizes to be won!

Vocal Solo:
ALL FINALISTS get a lesson from FOCUS MUSIC.
ALL FINALISTS get a recording session at FOCUS MUSIC.

$1000 cash
$400 FOCUS MUSIC lesson vouchers
Chance to perform at Music Dreamer Cafe

$500 cash
$200 FOCUS MUSIC lesson vouchers
Chance to perform at Music Dreamer Cafe

$100 FOCUS MUSIC lesson vouchers
Chance to perform at Music Dreamer Cafe

Special studio rental rate of $12/hr for all contestants!

$1000 cash
3 x Band Performance Workshop AND
1 x Demo Recording Session (Valued at $4000; kindly sponsored by The Music Lab)

$600 cash
3 x Band Performance Workshop AND
Gift Pack of music instrument accessories (Valued at $2700; kindly sponsored by The Music Lab)

$200 cash
2 x Band Performance Workshop (Valued at $1800; kindly sponsored by The Music Lab)

For any further queries,
Visit our website at 
or contact us at 

Feb 15th

Win Tickets to City Alive! (Feat: Space Cowboy, DJ Sarasa, DJ Andrew T, DJ Inquisitive)

By Yuda

Here's how:

Question: Who is the main organizer of City Alive!?

1. Send your answers through a private message to "Live4MusiC". Title your message, "City Alive! Contest".

2. Contest closes on 17th Feb 1159pm.

3. Results will be announced on 18th Feb 2pm.

4. There will be 4 winners, each winner entitled to a pair of tickets.

5. Tickets only allow entry before 1030pm on event day.

6. Collection of tickets to be arranged on 19th Feb and/or 20th Feb.

Good Luck!
Feb 11th

"Be the SUPERSTAR in You" Lyrics-Writing Competition (Coffee and Tea Dreamworks)

By Yuda
The completed music videos are finally out!

Feb 6th

Your Chance to Win a Pair of Tickets to Kris Allen!

By Yuda

Here's how:

1. Join the Kris Allen Group here

2. Post a comment on why you love Kris Allen on the wall.

3. Winner will be picked randomly.

4. Deadline for post will be 8th Feb 1159pm.

5. Winner will be announced on 9th Feb 2pm.

6. Winners will be notified, submit their particulars, and collect the pair of tickets at the door on the event day.

Let the race begin!
Jan 27th

Your Guide to Attending a Gig in Singapore (Singapore Indoor Stadium version)

By Yuda
With so many shows gearing up for 2010, I'm sure there's gonna be some first-timers =) Not to worry! These tips will ensure you enjoy the show to the fullest!

Golden Rules:

#1 - Check the colour and logo of your shirt to make sure you don't wear your sister's Backstreet Boys Tee to Lamb of God. It might be your last gig ever.

#2 - Wear pants with pockets large enough to fit a squirrel in case they don't allow you to bring in your camera.

#3 - Don't Drive to Gigs and you won't Drink and Drive.

#4 - Locate the nearest convenience stall so you don't have to pay $10 for a plastic cup of what have you.

#5 - Drink and eat whatever you can before you enter...once you're inside it's forbidden like Sahara. 

#6 - Don't leave the merchandise purchasing to the end of the concert. You'll regret it!

#7 - Always buy free-standing tickets, unless it's Valentine's Day.

#8 - Following rule #6, try to make yourself taller if required =)

#9 - Visit the loo as soon as you can, as many times as you want, they're not gonna start on time. 

#10 - Look out for kids who look like they'll go all Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan during the show.

These are my 10 rules! What's yours? =)
Jan 11th

Big Night Out 2010 Contest - Results!

By Live4MusiC
Marking the first contest Live4MusiC ever organised, this has been an amazing contest to say the least! Could never have done it without the enthusiasm all our participants have for Big Night Out 2010, in particular, MUSE!

Without further ado, let us present to you our deserving winner, all the way from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Aidil! 

This video is really, my personal favourite! Who says voting contests are always unfair? (Oops Singapore Idol >.<)

Jan 8th

"Be the SUPERSTAR in You" Lyrics-Writing Competition (Coffee and Tea Dreamworks)

By Yuda
Happy 2010 to one and all! Smiley

In our latest update, Coffee & Tea Dreamworks is proud to present the Caricature illustrations of our "Be The SUPERSTAR In You" Winners, Naguib & Si Hui!

Let's see how Coffee, the Creative Director of Coffee & Tea Dreamworks, have characterized both Naguib & Si Hui with our signature Caricature-style of illustration!

Si Hui's Illustration