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Dec 31st

Beer Market - Live4MusiC Review

By Yuda
Venue: Beer market
Date: 27th Dec 2012
Band: Zsa + Claire + Charmaine


So we haven't covered live bars in a long time! Time to get our butts moving again so here's our take on a live bar with one of the most unique concepts in the island, Beer Market.
Jan 10th

Se7en 1nch - A Bar for the Strong

By Yuda
Venue: Se7en 1nch

Time: 5th Jan 2011

Bands: Jihad Jones, Last Clean Shirt

So Live4MusiC's privileged enough to be invited to the launch of this awesome live music bar at Clarke Quay founded by the man behind legendary Blues Rock bar Crazy Elephant, Keef Ong.

The moment we saw the description, we never doubted our attendance..."Pole Dancers with Rock Music"...like really? 

The venue is pretty big with a nice dark ambience. A great stage and a huge bar right smack in the middle of the venue. If you manage to get a table, you'd pretty much have a comfortable time :)
May 5th

Jazz in the East - quarubar

By Live4MusiC

Live4MusiC FINALLY resumes their tour of live music bars in Singapore =)

This time a relocated Jazz hangout in the East, quarubar, on a Saturday. Previously located in Dempsey accompanied by a full Jazz set-up, they have since re-located to Frankel Ave and opted for a toned-down acoustic setup for the music.

It's a nice cosy setup for a relaxing time after work or for the weekends, perfect for catching up with friends or your partners.

The music that night, compared to the previous experience at Dempsey has moved towards more mainstreamed Jazz for easy-listening and definitely suitable for most people.  Especially with the acoustic setup, it still allows a comfortable chit-chat session around the tables!

And like all live music venues, they are the perfect places for birthday celebrations! The birthday girl that night very sportingly agreeing to sing a few songs for her friends and the rest of quarubar! Really sets us wondering about the amount of talented people surrounding us these days! Nobody would have figured she was just a customer if they just walked in!

If you're living in the East and/or you're finding a tough time looking for a chillout Jazz venue, quarubar's the place for you! Oh and have I mentioned if you're a big fan of Stella Artois or Asahi =)

Do become part of the quarubar group here.

Jul 6th

Wala Wala Live4MusiC-ed!

By Live4MusiC

Venue: Wala Wala Cafe Bar (The Bar Above)

Time: 5th July 2009, Saturday Night

Band: Shirlyn & The UnXpected

Wala Wala (050709) 006.jpg