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Aug 26th

Metallica Live in Singapore - Review

By Yuda

LAMC has helped many Singaporeans and Asians check off an item from their bucket list, watching arguably the biggest rock/metal band of this generation. A 40,000 strong crowd speaks plenty for itself. 
May 26th

Aerosmith Live in Singapore 2013

By Yuda

You know a legend when you see it. And if you've seen Aerosmith, you'd have understood what a legend truly represents. I have to honestly admit I didn't expect much from this gig but something told me i just had to catch one of America's greatest rock n roll bands and boy was I in for a treat!
Mar 5th

Santana Live in Singapore - Review

By Yuda

It was the third time Santana graced our tiny island but it was my first time seeing him and his wonderful team of band mates in action. Well known for pioneering rock, latin music and jazz fusion since the 1960s, the composition of his music just blew me away. The tunes that were familiar to me were just Black Magic Woman, Oye Como Va, Maria Maria and Smooth. 

At any one time, there were around 10 band members on stage, including the drums, timbales, congas, trombone, trumpet, bass, guitars, keyboard, vocals etc. The wonderful layering of 3 percussions topped by melody from the wind instruments, the keyboard, vocals and most importantly, the guitar lines from Carlos Santana himself.
Jan 29th

St Jerome's Laneway Festival Singapore 2013!

By Aranelle
THE LANEWAY FESTIVAL WAS AWESOME! Yours truly went to see Kings of Convenience, Poliça and Kimbra, and fell in love with Of Monsters and Men, Yeasayer and Bat for Lashes.


First thing that impressed the concert-goers was the choice of venue. The Meadow at Gardens by the Bay was much larger than Fort Canning Park and had more spaces to spread out and explore. I scoped out the place early to have a look around before the first act came on stage. Being a vegetarian, I wasn't disappointed with the choice of F&B vendors (there were salads and falafel wraps, and even a bakery). The beer of choice was Heineken, and there were water stations for $5 a pop.
Dec 14th

Sting: Back to Bass Singapore Indoor Stadium 13 Dec 2012

By Aranelle

Sting is back in Singapore! And this time to belt out his top hits, including popular titles by The Police.

The charming Briton opened the night with If I Ever Lose My Faith in You, Every Little Thing She Does is Magic and Englishman in New York, an explosive and very strong start. The crowd left their seats and grooved along to the favourite hits, much to the delight of Sting and his band, who gave back as much as the fans did, and upped the amp of their performance.
After an explosive start, they played more mellow hits like Seven Days, Demolition Man and I Hung My Head. Sting even attempted a jab at humour by asking the crowd if there were any foxes in Singapore, and even had the visual aid of a fox plushie by way of introducing their next song, End of the Game.


The night took a romantic turn at the playing of Fields of Gold, with many couples turning to each other to dance and kiss. Cleverly engaging the crowd with the interactive song Heavy Cloud No Rain, they went on to play Message in a Bottle and Shape of My Heart, Wrapped Around Your Finger and De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da, followed by an amazing instrumental piece to feature each band member; on keyboard David Sancious, on violin Peter Tickell (who dominated the spectacle with his solo, almost physically driving Sting himself off the stage), and on drums Vinnie Colaiuta. Not forgetting backing vocals Jo Lawry, who stole the show during The Hounds of Winter with her haunting voice.


But the best part of the show was definitely Roxanne. Guitarist Dominic Miller responded to Sting's "now what?" with a teasing intro of the song, bringing the entire stadium to their feet, and everyone shouting "ROXANNE" in the heightened excitement. Lasting a near 10 minutes, the crowd stomped their feet to demand three full encores of Desert Rose, King of Pain and Every Breath You Take (1st encore), Next to You (2nd encore), and Fragile (3rd encore).

The crowd only consented to leave when Sting promised "we'll be back!"
Dec 12th

Sigur Rós at Fort Canning Park, Singapore 23 Nov 2012

By Aranelle
The Sigur Rós concert at Fort Canning Park on 23 November 2012 was a tour de force. The 9,000-strong crowd were awed and entertained as one, amidst the Icelandic aura emanating from the performing band itself.

The crowd started to gather early at 5pm, and by 7pm Fort Canning Park was teeming with eager fans. With the very aptly chosen songs by the "opening DJ act" of mostly trip hop hits, everyone eagerly waited for Sigur Rós's appearance at 9pm on the damp grass underneath an appropriate overcast sky.

The band took to the stage on time, and performed Lagið Í Gær to kickstart the concert. The crowd was treated to a whirlpool of beautiful songs from all their albums, the most anticipated ones being the haunting Svefn-g-englar, Hoppípolla and Olsen Olsen. It was both an audio and visual treat, with the effects of the stage lights, haze machine and pretty glowing bulbs situated on the stage itself, perfectly synchronised to their songs. Frontman and vocalist Jónsi, and drummer Orri Páll Dýrason siezed the crowd's focus with their incredible performances.

 Official setlist can be found here: http://instagram.com/p/SYRv5-zLtY/

The highlight though was their two-song encore of Ekki Múkk and Popplagið. Both band and fans were treated to a blessing of rain amidst the two songs. Jónsi went wild with the crowd and closed the concert on a massive high, the only acceptable way to end the night.
Sep 20th

Creative Chaos Vol. II: Assault, Nervecell, Decapitated - A Perspective From The Stage

By Yuda

As some of you might have known or haven't known, I happen to have the privilege to play in Assault! And I just want to express my gratitude to Cynical Sounds for inviting us to play and for all the fans who came down early to catch our set! 
Sep 20th

Monday Blues with Joe Bonamassa

By Yuda
An apt day for a very talented blues-rock star. And what a better way than to end a bluesy Monday with Joe Bonamassa! This is the 2nd time he's been here in a year showing how much he loves this sunny island 23hrs worth of flight away from his homeland.

Jul 2nd

Baybeats 2012 - Day 3

By Yuda
Day 3, the final day of Baybeats 2012 kicks off with this group of humble musicians, Pep Talk. Dressed in sailor tops, this guys play a slightly progressive style of music with folk/country influences. Nervousness can be seen but their musicianship shines through. 

Moving on to the first band over at the Powerhouse, A Town In Fear, this guys kickoff the start of a truly Hardcore night. The stage presence of Hardcore bands never fail to impress me and this guys are no different. A proud representation of the passion of local musicians.
Jul 1st

Baybeats 2012 - Day 2

By Yuda
Day 2 really kicked things up 2 notches with, once again, many musical surprises. PLOT from Thailand was a huge revelation to me. A 3-piece progressive punk band, their music is full of surprises and intriguing melodies. And as usual, these folks from Thailand remain humble.