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Sep 16th


By Mohammed Shah
So i'm here to introduce to you guys one of the upcoming and rising band! They are called Conditions! They are from Richmond, Virginia and they are really awesome! They have three EP's under their belt! An 'Self Title EP', Digital 2009 EP and You Are Forgotten EP! With the sound of Saosin and Anberlin combined its a band you cant really miss! Not all band can achieve what they have achieve while still unsign! They got to tour the UK in 2008 opening for Paramore and New Found Glory. They recently sign to a label company called 'Good Fight Music' and just release their first debut album called "Fluorescent Youth". The new album just rock my ass out! It's a must have album this year! So i have created a site for them just for our Singapore and Asia fans! So here is the link! http://www.conditionssg.tumblr.com

So make sure you guys check this band out! And im holding a contest soon! All the details are on the blog! So plz do check them out and tell me how is it! i will leave a fav song of mine from their new album and its title 'Illuminati". Its a remake of their same title song from their You Are Forgotten EP! SO do enjoy and tell me how is it! Thank you!!

Oct 18th

Rocktober Fest Featuring: Stargazers

By Yuda

Expect to hear tunes from Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Scorpions, Iron Maiden etc!
Oct 16th

Rocktober Fest Featuring: Hollowpoint

By Yuda

Expect to hear tunes from Incubus, Lifehouse, Velvet Revolver etc!

Hollowpoint, formerly known as Allude, was formed in June 2007 by members Joshua, Hari and Geoffrey.

The trio did not let the departure of their former lead singer and bassist hinder their drive to create and play music but went on to recruit new bassist Shahrull to complete their line-up.
Oct 14th

Rocktober Fest Featuring: KR Rockers

By Yuda

Expect popular tunes from chart toppers such as Daughtry, Lady Gaga, Maroon 5, U2 and more!

KR Rockers are a group of 30 musicians from NUS Kent Ridge Hall and is aimed at giving all aspiring musicians a chance for exposure.

Those who are residents of NUS halls will surely be more than aware of the musical talents of the KR Rockers.

The line-up playing at Rocktober Fest will be:

Vox: Shin Fei + Jia Xin
Guitar: Yee Kiat + Vern
Bass: Peklyn
Keys: Gladys + Nina
Drums: Chee Loong

Live4MusiC would like to thank them for agreeing to be part of our first ever event!

To find out more about Rocktober Fest, click here.
Oct 11th

Rocktober Fest Featuring: The Raindogs

By Yuda

Expect to hear tunes from John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Bic Runga etc from this band =)

Hailing from the tiny island of Singapore, the musical collective was formed in 1998, guided by a deep-rooted interest in blues, jazz, funk, pop and rock. 
Inspired by the spirit of multi-award winning band Toto, where each
member is a session musician, The Raindogs’ are also sought after by
other local acts, and several members have guested on local gigs throughout
the band’s existence.
The core focus of the band is very much on amalgamating each member’s
musical influences into one infectious groove, which has won, and continues
to win them, numerous fans.
Jul 21st

The Wreckage (Deathcore)

By Live4MusiC

"Most bands they tend to sound like, we want to be the best. It's not about being the best, it's about being what you're capable of, and what you can achieve so if you go to the full extent to what u want to achieve, definitely you can go way further than that." - Shariq, The Wreckage Vocalist
Jul 20th

Thy Fallen Kingdom (Thrash Metal)

By Live4MusiC

Not enough. But then again when bands like Black Sabbath, Megadeth came, there were only a few thousand people. For a 4 million 5 million population it's very little so bands don't really look forward to coming but I think it has to open up. It's very conservative. Singapore wants to be a world city right? It can't just be for shopping and this and that right? It also has to be for music" - Dave, Thy Fallen Kingdom Vocalist

Jul 20th

Cranium Carnage (Black Death Metalcore)

By Live4MusiC

To say we have a goal of course it's good to have a goal so we can work towards the goal, but in some situations you just don't need a goal, you just have to go until you cannot go anymore."  - Saiful, Cranium Carnage Vocalist.