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Feb 24th

Foo Fighters Live @ The Padang, Singapore : March 2nd, 2012 - CANCELLED

By Yuda
It is with sincere regret Chugg and Lushington Entertainments have been
advised that the March 2nd, Foo Fighters show in Singapore has been
cancelled due to a medical condition of a key band member.
The Singapore outdoor show was to be played at the downtown Padang as
part of the bands Asian Tour. It is understood all dates on this leg of the world tour has also been affected. 
The show was expecting a 20,000 capacity sell-out following the huge
success at last week’s Grammy's and Brit awards.
The band has today issued the following statement :
"We deeply regret having to cancel. It wasn't an easy decision by any stretch
but after carefully considering medical advice, we felt we had no choice.
Dave's been told by more than one doctor that he has to take it easy on
his voice. We hate to disappoint our fans in Singapore and hope you'll all
understand and that we'll see you all in the not too distant future."
Both of the joint promoters sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused and hope to secure a future replacement date but at this time full refunds will be offered to all ticket holders.
Kindly be informed that refunds will be made available from Wednesday, 29
Feb to Tuesday, 13 March. Refunds are through original mode of payment.
For purchases made by credit card, refunds will be automatically credited
to the same card without the need to return the physical tickets. Purchases
made through cash or Nets will require the physical tickets & NRIC/passport/FIN card to be presented at the SISTIC Box Office, Singapore Indoor Stadium.
Refund hours are from 12 noon to 8pm daily.
For customers who have purchased tickets via Cash through overseas
agents, please call them directly for your refund.
Jan 6th

Lamb Of God Singer To Run For President (UG)

By Yuda

Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe has announced that he will make a bid to become President.

In an extraordinary rambling blog post, Blythe says the present candidates lack "balls", before making an unusual promise for when he is finally sworn in:

"My first act as President of the United States will to be shot. That’s right, SHOT. With a high-powered assault rifle. Immediately after taking the oath of office, I will be escorted about twenty yards away and be shot publicly in a non-lethal area of my body by a highly trained Navy SEAL sniper. It will hurt like f--k."

Blythe says he will do this because he doesn't expect anyone in the armed forces to do anything he wouldn't.

"Me being shot will be broadcast live world-wide via satellite, with no bleeping out of the incredible string of curse words I will undoubtedly let fly with. I will be required to walk/limp/crawl on my own power a minimum of 50 yards through the mud to an ambulance that will take me away to patch me up. If I can’t make it on my own, I’m not tough enough to be your President.

"After all the nations in the entire world witness America’s new President, an insane looking heavily tattooed freak, getting shot ON HIS OWN ORDER as soon as he takes office, then crawling all bloody to an ambulance, cussing the whole way and screaming pure hate in a monstrous voice tortured by years of touring and Marlboro Reds, they will think twice before f--king with us," he adds.

Among his impressive list of promises are to:

- Take 13 weeks of Marine Corps training
- Kill an enemy prisoners in hand-to-hand combat
- Kill the first enemy of any war
- Change the rules of engagement so troops can shoot before the enemy strikes
- Kick some a--
- Drink beer
- Get laid
- Bless America

Blythe appears to focus on foreign policy rather than discuss economic issues, suggesting he may be better suited for the role of Secretary of State.

His slogan? "F--k the dumb s--t. Let's get real here." 

- Ultimate-Guitar 
Jan 5th

Ke$ha's Album Will 'Ressurect' Rock (UG)

By Yuda

Ke$ha claims she will "resurrect" rock with her new album.

"People say that rock and roll is dead, and it is my mission and my goal to resurrect it in the form of my pop music," she told MTV News "That's the goal. We'll see what happens."

A foray into the rock world for the pop singer seemed inevitable after a run of rock-related stories through 2011. In May, sheclaimed to be obsessed with rock n' roll, and later joined Alice Cooper on stage for the second time to perform "School's Out."

"I’ve been pretty much in this 70’s rock and roll kick and I want to capture some of the true essence of what rock and roll is, and that’s just irreverence and sexiness and fun and not giving a f--k, so we’ll definitely put a bit of rock and roll in it," she said in May. She added that there may be some collaborations with her rock heroes, though the official tracklisting is yet to be confirmed.

Ke$ha is not the only pop princess to have made steps towards the world of rock. Lady Gaga has also been snapped backstage alongside Iron Maiden, later claiming that the band changed her life. It's almost as if the pop industry saw U2's record-smashing 360 tour revenue and decided to arrange a concerted move towards live rock performances so they can get a slice of the pie.

Cynical? Perhaps, but you might say that the signs are pointing towards a rocking 2012, both on and off the charts. 

- Ultimate-Guitar 
Jan 3rd

Get a taste of homebrew

By Yuda
We're predicting exciting times for local music in 2012 - here's who to keep an eye (or ear) on.

by Christopher Toh 


If 2011 was anything to go by, the local music scene is slowly but surely sparking along. So what will 2012 bring? Well, we've picked a few artistes you might want to check out. Some have been around the block, some are fairly new, but all have the potential to be leading lights in the local music scene.

Cheating Sons 

They released their debut album, Masters, Wives, Daughter, and rocked audiences not just in Singapore but in China and Korea, too. Musically, they are probably one of the brightest lights in the local music scene, with singer Renyi Wang's vocal style ably supported by the band. The latest word is that the band are recording a new album and you can expect to hear new music from them on March 30 when they play their first headlining gig at the Esplanade Recital Studio. 2012 could be the year that the Sons actually establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with. Visit https://www.facebook.com/cheatingsons for updates and videos.

Siti Zahidah 

Siti Zahidah is best known for the slightly cutesy The Make-Up Song, but as she showed throughout her performances in 2011, she's no one-trick pony. She won the The Next Big Thing competition organised by MediaCorp Radio's 987FM (earning herself an ambassadorship with Maestro, and the S$10,000 prize money), and we're all looking forward to seeing what fruits she'll bear. Could she really be the next big thing? We hope so. Hear more at www.youtube.com/user/pcdlovesg.


What we like about Seyra - who performs with Trip Circle - is that while she performs somewhat cutesy folky pop songs, there's also a depth to her performances that others lack. "It's exciting to not know where the melody will take me," she writes on her Facebook page. "And I'm here to tell you that I am truly committed to continually search for that source of inspiration, that moment in between moments, the wrong notes at the right time, and to share it with everyone - that shall be my dream and my New Year's resolution." We can't wait. Visit www.facebook.com/Seyratune for more updates.

Amanda Tee 

Amanda Tee has been around for a bit, but she's somehow always found herself on the fringes of the musical radar, rather than right smack in the centre of it. Her performance on her album Take It Or Leave It isn't quite award-winning material just yet, but it's a great start, and we'd love to hear and see more of her in 2012. "The rawness of these tracks paired with somewhat quirky songwriting styles will definitely make you want to listen more closely," she said. We agree. Hear more at http://amandatee.com.

Shimona Kee 

One of the more outstanding finalists of the Next Big Thing competition, Shimona Kee, only returned to Singapore last year after six years abroad. She has since been a regular musical fixture in the live music circuit and is currently putting the final touches to her first full-length album of original music slated for release in early 2012. She has already released a song, Sweet Company, which you can find at Bandcamp (http://shimona.bandcamp.com). Hear more at http://tdy.sg/shimonaurl.

Jonathan Leong 

He's a Singapore Idol alum currently starring in Voyage De La Vie, as well as a Political Science graduate and ex-national fencer. And late last year, Jonathan Leong released his first album, Mysterious Hero. "(The album) is my work, so it does have a lot of me in it, but I'm not saying that this is me and that's all. Everyone evolves as you go through experiences and you change - hopefully for the better." It's taken a while for Leong to get to this point and the album does show a different side of Leong. For starters, it's in Mandarin, and writing songs in Mandarin was a process that Leong described as "an uphill climb". (For the record, half of the songs were co-written with actress Rui En.) And he can't wait to do more. "I guess (my songs are) one aspect of who I am," he said, "and I hope to have a career long enough to explore all the other aspects and bring it to the public." Check out more at www.jonleong.com.

Obedient Wives Club 

It is said on their Facebook page that Obedient Wives Club - YinQi Lee, Keith Tan, Lennat Mak and Sulaiman Supian - intends to "bring fuzzed out girl group indie pop that is missing from the Singapore indie scene". The band was formed last year because "I've always wanted to play the music I love, which is fuzz pop meets (Phil) Spector", said guitarist Tan. They have released a self-titled four-track EP, which, according to Tan, was recorded in three weeks and is "very unorthodox both in recording and mixing". Well, if tracks like the infectious This Is It and That Boy are anything to go by, they've definitely achieved their goal. Hear more at www.youtube.com/user/ObedientWivesClub.

ShiGGa Shay 

Rapper ShiGGa Shay first came to our collective consciousness on the TV series Live And Loaded in 2009. But his journey into the world of hip-hop and rap started when he was nine years old. Since then, he has been performing at club showcases, as well as at the National Day Parade 2010, and has collaborated with the likes of Electrico, Sylvia Ratonel and acapella group Budak Pantai. He was also featured on the popular hip-hop site, WorldStarHipHop, as the "Unsigned Talent Of The Week" for his music video, On My Grind. (Incidentally, the video received over 100,000 views.) In Oct 2011, ShiGGa released his single, Let's Roll, and expects to drop his upcoming album, They Call Me ShiGGa, early this year. Hear more at www.youtube.com/user/ShiGGaShay.

Catalogue V 

Despite being fairly new - the band's full line-up was only completed last year - Catalogue V has managed to carve some impressive notches on their post, not least being in the finals of the 2011 Asia Beat competition held in Seoul, with bassist Mal and drummer Matt edging out other players from Asia to win the Best Bassist and Best Drummer awards, respectively. Said singer Razil Razil Razil: "We had been told that the Korean crowd was hard to please, but they actually stood up and danced and sang along during our performance. At the time we thought that the crowd was … going to do the same for the other bands, but they only did it for us!" Sure, the Koreans dug 'em, but the band isn't about to rest on its laurels. "I think we are going to promote Catalogue V as a product globally and locally. We are currently going to studios to work on our stuff," said guitarist Hans. Check them out at www.facebook.com/cataloguev.

Thunder Rock School 

Thunder Rock School has been going from strength to strength ever since it opened its doors last year. Sure, they're not a band, but with the likes of Amanda Ling (In Each Hand A Cutlass), Martin Kong (Caracal), Brandon Khoo (The UnXpected), Deon Toh and Ian Toh (Flybar), Esther Low (Monster Cat) and David Tang (The Synth Experience) within their ranks, they might as well be. Thunder Rock School opened a second branch late last year in Upper Thomson Road, and the plan is to have more schools rockin' to the Thunder beat in the future. "There will be at least two more … but at the moment we are trying our best to concentrate on the Thomson side," said Toh. They're also equipping to become a full-fledged music store, and producer Leonard Soosay and Snakeweed Studios have also set up a small recording space in the school. Find out more at www.thunderrockschool.com.  
Dec 16th

Alice Cooper Buying Gaga A Bible

By Yuda

Alice Cooper is getting Lady Gaga a bible and a cookbook for Christmas.

The shock rocker is good friends with Gaga and looking to get her some useful everyday objects, which he thinks may help her if she wants to tone down her outrageous behaviour.

He told NME magazine: "I know Lady Gaga really well. And for Christmas I'd get her a Betty Crocker cookbook. That and a subscription to Good Housekeeping - because those are the two things I know she doesn't have. Maybe I'd also get her a bible, actually."

Alice - real name Vincent Furnier - added he relates to the singer because their on stage alter-egos are very different to who they are in real life.

"She created a character named Gaga. I created a character called Alice Cooper that I play. I'm not Alice now, I'll be Alice tonight. She writes songs for her, I write songs for Alice. I think she's great."

Alice's "Welcome 2 My Nightmare" album is out now.

Thanks for the report to ContactMusic.com. 
Nov 22nd

Rock Fan Kills Himself After Concert Left Him With Tinnitus (Blabbermouth)

By Yuda

According to Blabbermouth.net, According to DailyMail.co.uk, a British rock music fan stabbed himself to death after seeing the rock supergroup Them Crooked Vultures perform left him with severe tinnitus.

Robert McIndoe, 52, was unable to sleep for three months after seeing the band — made up of current and former members of Led ZeppelinFoo Fighters and Queens Of The Stone Age - in July 2010 at the Brixton Academy in London.

His psychiatrist, Dr. Helen Stinson, said, "He accepted death as a side-effect of stopping the noise."

McIndoe's wife Shirley said, "When it first happened, he wasn't too bothered about it because he thought it would subside, and the friend he had been with also had ringing in his ears that day. But it was a constant irritation. He didn't get a night of sleep after that."

Tinnitus is characterized by a constant ringing in the ears, with the noise coming from inside the body rather than an outside source.

- Blabbermouth.net 
Nov 3rd

Nickelback No. 1 Passion-Killers (Rock News Desk)

By Yuda

One in eight music fans will decide not to sleep with you if they discover you likeNickelback, suggests a survey.

And they’d actually be LESS turned off if you were into Justin BieberLady Gaga or Katy Perry.

The arena pop-rockers have been named the number-one passion killers in music, ahead of ColdplayU2 and Creed plus a stack of chart-fodder outfits.

The information was revealed by users ofTastebuds.fm, a website which matches single people according to their musical preferences.

In the survey, over 13% of people said you’d end the night alone if they were to findChad Kroeger and co on your MP3 player. Women were slightly more likely to be turned off than men, with 14% of females naming the Canadians versus 11.8% of males.

Tastebuds boss Aled Parish says: "We were curious to know which bands people would be most horrified to discover when browsing their date’s iPod".

"Although sharing musical tastes with your partner is no the be all and end all, it can certainly help in maintaining a harmonious relationship. And we’ve seen it’s a great conversation starter".

"It’s always best to be honest about your taste in music, but perhaps don’t mention your fondness for Nickelback until you’ve got the wedding ring on your finger".

Top musical turn-offs:

01. Nickelback 13%
02. Justin Bieber 12%
03. Lady Gaga 9%
04. Ke$ha 5%
05. Coldplay 5%
06. U2 4%
07. Creed 4%
08. Katy Perry 4%
09. Lil Wayne 4%
10. Britney Spears 3%

Thanks for the report to RockNewsDesk.com. 
Nov 1st

Charice skips Singapore show (abs-cbnNEWS)

By Yuda

MANILA, Philippines - International singing sensation Charice cancelled her upcoming performance in Singapore, as she grieves over the death of her father Ricky Pempengco.

Charice made the statement on her official Twitter account, just after she found out about the murder of her father.

The singer apologized to her fans in Singapore who want to see her perform, but she explained that she needs to go back to Manila to be with her family, who are in mourning.

"I am very sorry to all my fans from Singapore. I am not going to be there to be part of David Foster and Friends concert. I have to go back to the Philippines as soon as possible to be with my family. I hope you all understand. I love you all and I will see you next year," Charice said.

Ricky, who is separated from Charice's mom Raquel, was stabbed in A. Bonifacio Road, Barangay Laram, San Pedro, Laguna.

A police report said Pempengco was in a drinking session and then left to buy a cigarette. The suspect, identified as Angel Capili Jr., approached him and stabbed him with an ice pick. Pempengco was able to walk away and then sit on a pavement, but the suspect went back to stab him to death.

The suspect quickly left the scene.

Authorities said Pempengco might have survived the stabbing had barangay officials been able to rush him to the hospital.

Raquel cries over estranged husband's death

Charice's mother burst into tears after she found out that her children's father was killed. In an exclusive interview with abs-cbnNEWS.com Tuesday morning, Raquel said she was unaware of Ricky's death.

She said Charice still does not know about the tragedy. "Hindi ko alam. Hindi ko alam ang nangyari. Si Charice, hindi pa din niya alam," said Raquel, crying.

Asked if she will go to Ricky's wake, Raquel said: "Hindi ko pa talaga alam, nabigla kami." 

- abs-cbnNEWS.com 
Oct 31st

The Best #LessExcitingBandNames (UG)

By Yuda

There was a fantastic game yesterday which pitted the wits of Twitter users against each other to make each and every band name a little less exciting.

Don't let the concept fool you, because the results were often creative and hilarious. Here, we round up our favorite #lessexcitingbandnames:


  • Miffed Against the Machine 
  • Queens Of The Middle Ages
  • Carving Pumpkins 
  • They Might Be Midgets
  • Guns N' Dandilions
  • Cold day
  • 53 Cents
  • Wheezer
  • Green Mild Bell Peppers
  • You Too
  • Nuns N' Roses
  • Maybe Maybe Maybes
  • Near The Drive-In
  • Death Cab For Average-Looking
  • Flu Fighters
  • Foo Scuffles
  • Stone Temple Stewadess
  • Helium Zeppelin
  • 30 Seconds To Utah
  • Woodallica
  • My Chemical Toilet


If you want to join in the fun, be sure to add your contribution to the comments.

- Ultimate-Guitar
Oct 25th

Noel Gallagher rejects Liam Gallagher's offer to reform Oasis in 2015 (NME)

By Yuda

Noel Gallagher has rejected his brother Liam Gallagher's olive branch to reunite Oasisin 2015 for the 20th anniversary of '(What's The Story) Morning Glory?'. 

The band's ex-guitarist said his brother was welcome to go ahead and play their seminal album in its entirety, but said he would have no involvement in it. 

Gallagher told BBC Newsbeat: "He's got my permission to go and play it. He can play it if he wants. I don't mind. I left that band for a reason and that reason still stands."

Despite recently launching legal action against his brother, Liam said if the pair could put "their shit aside" he would consider playing their seminal album in its entirety. Noel also admitted previously that he may have been too hasty quittingOasis and he would have love to have toured their 1995 album again.

Meanwhile, the ex-Oasis chief also revealed that he knew about The Stone Roses reunion for some time. "We'd known for a while and were sworn to secrecy," he told The Daily Star. "It's great for the fans and for them and nice feeling just to see them together after so long. I love them as friends and as a band.

He added: "They've been split for 15 years, we split up 15 minutes ago. We're all waiting for The Smiths to do it. They say it won't happen but they said the same about the Roses."