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Aug 11th

Muse Will Begin Recording New Album In September

By Yuda

Muse bassist Chris Wolstenholme says the band will begin recording their new album as soon as September, after headlining the Reading and Leedsfestivals in the UK.

Speaking to Radio 1 (via Gigwise), Wolstenholme said: "September and October, that's when we're going to get into the studio to start writing the new album … We're always going to be the kind of band that want to get out and play live.

"As the years go on there's that temptation to cut the touring down less and less but we still love playing live. I can't ever imagine we'll be the kind of band that cut the touring down significantly."

The statement will be a relief to Muse fans, who might have been concerned that frontman Matt Bellamy’s newborn baby with Kate Hudson could put a stop to their relentless touring schedule.

Meanwhile, the band recently offered a competition for their fans to design a t-shirt, with the winner getting VIP tickets to the Reading and Leeds festivals. Melody Deyerle won with her fantastic Space Invaders style tee, which you can see here.

- Ultimate-Guitar 

Aug 10th

Lady Gaga declares 'Bad Romance' is her best song

By Yuda

Lady Gaga has named 'Bad Romance' as the best song she had written

Asked by Popdust what her best song was, she ranked the single along with 'You And I'and 'Poker Face'.

Gaga said: "Well, 'Bad Romance' has a special place in my heart because it meant a lot to the Little Monsters when it came out. 

"I also think 'You And I' is one of the best songs I've ever written. But the third best song ... Well, I suppose I would have to say 'Poker Face.' But see, I have very different feelings about different songs at different times.

"I could also say that 'Fooled Me Again' is one of the best songs I've written, and that was never on any of my albums. I could say that 'Marry The Night' is my third best song, or'Americano'. I go through these artistic rebirths where I envision my songs in completely different ways. But I guess I'd say my third best song is 'Poker Face'

- NME 
Aug 9th

A mission to make local rock music respectable

By Yuda
by Mayo Martin

You know what they say about how going to a rock show could, like, dude, totally change your life? Well, that's exactly what happened to a young student named Syed Hyder.

Except he wasn't at some cavernous concert stadium together with thousands of people pumping their fists and waving their phones. Instead, he was at Holland Village haunt Wala Wala watching his drum teacher Brandon Khoo perform with his band The UnXpected. 

Up to that point, Syed was a student at Republic Polytechnic who was a passionate dabbler behind the drum kit. But after watching Khoo, who had invited Syed to come watch, he realised something important: You could actually make a living playing rock music. 

Fast-forward to today, and Syed's the guy spearheading a laudable rock music initiative that's invading schools, spreading the good news about local music talent and inspiring wannabe musicians everywhere.

The 26-year-old entrepreneur/drummer is the man behind School Invasion Tour (SIT), an ongoing series of free concerts that sees respected musicians and bands like Inch Chua & The Metric System, Caracal, and West Grand Boulevard, for whom Syed drums, playing to students from secondary schools to universities. This year, the tour has reached 15 schools, with five more to go. 

But it's no ordinary series of gig. After every show, talks are held by invited personalities from the creative industries, like a music producer or a photographer. Simply put, it's not just rock 'n' roll. 

SIT began in 2008, an offshoot of the short-lived Rock The School tour.It had one simple mission: To show that playing music could be a respectable - and viable - career option in Singapore. "All of this is done in hopes of building a market for the coming generation of Singaporean musicians and creatives."

The participating bands went to 35 schools over 10 months and seemed to be gaining traction. That year's sponsor, Nokia, brought a specially kitted-out bus to the schools, where students could log on and download songs from the bands. "There were so many downloads that the servers crashed," Syed quipped. They also developed good ties with the folks behind the Speak Good English Movement.

And if that wasn't enough proof of the simmering positive effects, they were gaining a following. "We knew from prior experiences that whenever we do an NUS show there won't be any people. But the crowd grew and a lot of them knew our songs." Turned out, most of these kids had caught their School Invasion gigs back when they were in junior college. "We realised there was a potential for the tour to have an impact in a bigger way," he said.

But while it's one thing to get young people interested in local music, it's quite another to get them to see music as a possible career option - that involves dealing with the big question all aspiring rock stars face at some point: Where do you get the money?

"If you don't have a financially sound plan, then you're not gonna do this for long. People cannot afford to continue playing because they feel, 'If I continue playing, what's gonna happen when I'm 27 or 28? How am I going to feed my family, how am I going to pay back my parents for tuition money? That's what we want to tell the bands." 

Syed knows what he's talking about. At one point in his music career, he juggled performing for pub bands and playing original music, doing as many as five gigs in a day from early afternoon well into the night. "I got the full musician's experience," he quipped. 

Unfortunately, SIT's promising start took a hit from the recession and stalled in 2009 and 2010. Syed himself had to take a breather for health reasons. 

But, after finding a new sponsor in Coca-Cola, the tour was revived again this year. And Syed walked the talk, expanding beyond school tours to a multi-pronged invasion. 

Roping in Willy Tan, who manages groups like B-Quartet and Inch Chua, and a handful of other like-minded friends, SIT is now just one cog in the wheel. They set up the marketing agency Invasion Online, and are now pushing for Invasion.sg, a "marketing solutions platform provider" for all types of corporations and SMEs who want to tap into social media via the Facebook app Invasion, which will be released in two weeks time.

And here's the nice twist: Musicians (and other creative talents) are given the app for free to help them engage their fans online. The SIT band roster will also be using the Invasion app. 

As for SIT itself, there are plans to register it as a non-profit organisation - a logical move considering it had never been a money-making venture to start with. And, as they've yet to find a corporate sponsor for next year's planned edition, they're crossing their fingers for a bit of government backing.

Touring schools and spreading the gospel of Singapore rock is just the tip of the iceberg. With contacts in other creative industries, such as photography and fashion, and with an educational programme where they offer sessions on arts, design, photography, music and video production and entrepreneurship, Syed and his team plan to create an entire Invasion Community. 

"We need our doctors, our bankers, our lawyers, definitely. But for those who are interested (in a creative career), we're here to show that this is an option," said Syed.

And that deserves a fist pump, don't you think? MAYO MARTIN

"My Singapore is a country where original musicians and creative talents are able to sustain themselves economically through the support of a thriving local consumer market." Syed Hyder
Aug 3rd

Puddle Of Mudd Release New Single

By Yuda

Puddle Of Mudd’s version of The Rolling Stones classic "Gimme Shelter" will be the first single from their forthcoming album re:(disc)overed. The track will be made available on iTunes beginning August 2nd.

The band’s new album, re:(disc)overed, lands on August 30th. For this release, Puddle Of Mudd dig back into their own past for the songs that turned them on to becoming musicians in the first place.

re:(disc)overed includes such classics as AC/DC’s "TNT," Steve Miller’s "The Joker," Elton John’s "Rocket Man," the Stevie Nicks/Tom Petty duet "Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around" (which Puddle Of Mudd recorded with BC Jean), Neil Young’s "Old Man," and of course the first single, "Gimmie Shelter." The album finds Puddle Of Mudd tackling classic rock songs as only they know how.

"Our goal in interpreting these songs was to pay more tribute rather than reinvent," Phillips added. "These are all classics that are perfect in every sense, so who are we to mess with that? We just wanted to represent them in their true form and add a little of our sound to them. We cut everything with very few takes and tried to keep it very live like those old seventies records. We didn't want to Pro Tool the hell out of it."

Puddle Of Mudd will take part in the Rock Allegiance Tour which begins on August 24th in Dallas. The tour also features Buckcherry, Papa Roach, P.O.D., Red, Crossfade and Drive A.

Over the past decade the band have sold over 6 million albums worldwide and collected nine Top 20 rock hits including seven, which went straight to #1 on the charts. Puddle Of Mudd’s impact at rock radio over the past decade is undeniable.

Track Listing For re:(disc)overed

01. Gimme Shelter
02. Old Man
03. T.N.T.
04. Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around
05. The Joker
06. Everybody Wants You
07. Rocket Man
08. All Right Now
09. Shooting Star
10. D’yer Maker

11. Funk #49


- Ultimate-Guitar

Aug 3rd

Nikki Sixx (Motley Crue) Leaps Into Crowd In Fury At Filming

By Yuda

Motely Crue singer Nikki Sixx was furious when he spotted a fan filming their show at Maryland's Outlaw Jam at the weekend, taking matters into his own hands and jumped into the crowd to confiscate it, as you can see in the clip below.

After completing "Saints Of Los Angeles", Sixx leaped off the stage to take the professional camera, with security guards removing the cameraman from the crowd and helping the singer back to the stage, according to Rock AAA.

"Taking care of f--king business!", shouted drummer Tommy Lee after the incident.

Presumably, the band were unhappy that someone may profit from a high-quality video of their performance.

It is not the first time a rock star has acted against someone in the crowd "illegally" taking their image. In 1991, Axl Rosefamously jumped into the crowd to take a regular still camera from a fan, before walking off stage and cancelling the show. As a result, dozens of fans were injured after dismay in the crowd led to a riot.

- Ultimate-Guitar 
Aug 2nd

Kings of Leon cancel US tour amid 'problems'

By Yuda

Kings of Leon have cancelled their US tour amid reports of problems within the band.

The cancellation comes three days after frontman Caleb Followill left the stage during a show in Dallas, Texas.

He said he was no longer able to sing because of "heat exhaustion and dehydration".

But his brother, bassist Jared Followill, said in a tweet that the band has "internal sicknesses & problems" that go beyond dehydration.

"I can't lie," he wrote. "There are problems in our band bigger than not drinking enough Gatorade."

Drummer Nathan Followill, their cousin in the Grammy Award-winning band, added in a separate Twitter message: "Not so good morning 4 me today. Ashamed & embarrassed by last night's fiasco."

The cancellation of the US tour was announced in a statement by the Nashville-based band on Monday.

It said the band members were "devastated, but in order to give their fans the shows they deserve, they need to take this break".

The band are to return to the road in Vancouver, Canada, on 28 September. The cancelled shows will not be rescheduled.

"Thanks to all our true fans for understanding and helping us through this hard time," Caleb Followill said on Twitter.

Kings of Leon, who are all family members and originally from Tennessee, have had huge global success with their singles including Use Somebody and Sex on Fire.

They have released five studio albums, the fourth of which - Only by the Night - was platinum selling.

In 2008 they received two Brit Awards and also won the Grammy Award for best song in 2009 and 2010.

- BBC News 

Jul 29th

Massive Attack, Rick Astley in F1 line-up

By Yuda
By Pamela Chow

Things are looking pretty bleak for fans of Singapore's Formula One party season, which is on from Sept 23 to 25.

Besides the disappearance of pre-event concert F1 Rocks (which has been missing in action since its debut here in 2009), the line-up of artists for this year's SingTel Singapore Grand Prix, with an entertainment budget of $5 million, is a far cry from last year's.

Yesterday, organisers Singapore GP announced that four other international acts will join American rock band Linkin Park – who will rock out on race day, Sept 25 – on the F1 line-up this year.

Dance fans can expect to groove to British duo Massive Attack's dance-music numbers, as main men Robert "3D" Del Naja and Grant "Daddy G" Marshall take to the stage at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre on Sept 23.

But the Bristol pair won't be playing a live set, complete with guest singers and a backup band – fans will have to be content with them Djing.

And, if you're into raves of the retro kind, you're in for a treat: 1980s icon Rick Astley will be belting out his classics at the theatre on Sept 24, and on the Village Stage on Sept 25.

Never mind that the Never Gonna Give You Up singer has been to Singapore before, making appearances last year at Retrolicious. He was also part of the inaugural SingFest in 2008.

Also making an appearance on the F1 stage is Philippine starlet Charice Pempengco. The singer, who hit big time when she was featured on popular American show Glee, will be performing two shows.

Jamaican reggae hit Shaggy will also play two gigs. Shaggy last played in Singapore at the Reggae Festival in 2009.

F1 fans who expect higher- calibre acts from Singapore GP (last year's F1 line-up saw Missy Elliott, Mariah Carey and Adam Lambert headlining, after all), take heart.

The line-up is not complete yet, said Ms Sarah Martin, director of operations at Singapore GP. Several acts are still pending confirmation, and will be unveiled in coming weeks.

Ms Martin believes the line-up will be comparable to last year's.

The SingTel Singapore Grand Prix is on from Sept 23 to 25. For ticketing information, visitwww.singaporegp.sg 
Jul 29th

Frustrated Singapore musician moving out of her homeland

By Yuda
Inch Chua “heartbroken” at lack of support for original music in her country, wants to go overseas to develop career. This letter by her was first published as a Facebook note.


This letter is probably not directed to any of my friends on facebook, the very kind people on my facebook fanpage and anyone who has ever (legally) downloaded or supported my music or of any other local artist.

But this is a letter, a letter from a very heartbroken Singaporean artist to the general mass of people who just don’t care or are just too close-minded to see the big picture. Yes, you.

Its sad, because i don’t think i could have tried any harder with you, Singapore. When it comes to you, it has always been an uphill battle, where i’m swimming against the currents. Time to time, i’d always catch you make comments like, “i don’t like this band, they don’t play any songs i know” or “oh, this band is good, they don’t sound local”.

Why? why are we possibly the only country where “local” has so much negative connotations tagged with it. why are we the only country where you’re only considered a GOOD, COMPETENT musician when you can play covers. why are we the only bloody country where the press and media will have to INTENTIONALLY highlight that a local musician plays an “original compostition”.


Why am i not accepted in your working society? On a day to day basis i have to deal with a hefty amount of people judging me; assuming i’ve made some majorly bad decisions in my life to wind up a musician. Why can’t i be musician? i don’t need your definition of success to be placed upon me. i don’t need your approval to do what i know i should be doing. i don’t need you to tell me that there is no future in Singapore Music, i don’t need you to tell me that what i’m doing is a lost cause.

Why?! Why do i have to try so hard to prove my worth about my contributions to society? why is it that our independent music community has minimal government support? why don’t i have someone to count on?

So on this note, i’d like to annouce that i’ve decided to move to another country to pursue my career. i’m not giving up on you Singapore, but rather its due to the fact that its the only choice i have, thanks to your pathetic need of validation from elsewhere before you see things clearly for yourself.

i’m hurt and you know why. i’m angry because i’ve been hurt for a long time now.
But no matter how heartbroken i am, i’m now more ready than ever to get out of the boat and walk on water.

Yours Truly,


Source: http://newnation.sg/2011/07/frustrated-singapore-musician-moving-out-of-her-homeland/ 
Jul 24th

Winehouse the latest member of Forever 27 Club

By Yuda
By Gillian Marie Hooper ibnlive.com

New Delhi: One of the greatest mysteries in rock 'n' roll history came into the spotlight once again on Saturday, July 23, when the iconic, yet troubled singer Amy Winehouse died at the age of 27. She joins the league of Janis Joplin, Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain and Jim Morrison, all music legends who died at the age of 27, giving rise to the myth of 'Club 27' or 'Forever 27' in the minds of fans who coined the term after noticing a trend among the deaths of these legendary rockers.

Brian Jones (February 28, 1942 - July 3, 1969)

Founder of the Rolling stones and a guitarist Brian Jones was known for his strange outfits and non-stop drug abuse, apart from being outstandingly proficient in music. Jones was the one who came up with the name the Rolling stones for his band with Keith Richards and Mick Jagger and is also said to be the moving force behind the rock band.

He was found lying motionless at the bottom of his pool. His then girlfriend Anna insisted that when he was pulled out, he still had a pulse, but by the time doctors arrived Jones was declared dead. Despite the drug abuse, the coroner's report stated that he died because of 'misadventure'.

Jimi Hendrix (November 27, 1942 - September 18, 1970)

American guitarist and singer-songwriter Jimi Hendrix is widely considered to be the greatest electric guitarist in musical history and one of the most influential musicians of his era across a range of genres. He headlined the iconic 1969 Woodstock Festival and the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival. It is said that he was influenced by blues artists such as BB King, Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Albert King and Elmore James.

Hendrix died on September 18, 1970, which was first reported as a suicide. Later foul play was considered the cause of his death. And then the autopsy showed he asphyxiated on vomit after combining sleeping pills with wine. Till today the real reason behind Hendrix' death is a mystery.

Janis Joplin (January 19, 1943 - October 4, 1970)

Known as The Queen of Rock and Roll, Janis Joplin was an American singer, songwriter, painter, dancer and music arranger. She rose to prominence in the late 1960s as the lead singer of Big Brother and the Holding Company. She was ranked number 46 in the Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time in 2004.

She rose to fame, but she didn't get to ride it too long, as her drug abuse took the better of her. Joplin was found dead in the Landmark Motor Hotel and the autopsy reports claimed she died because of heroin overdose.

Jim Morrison (December 8, 1943 - July 3, 1971)

The lead singer for the Doors Jim Morrison's behavior had always seemed erratic, but fame gave him an even more bizarre edge. Widely considered to be one of the most charismatic frontmen in rock music history, Morrison was also the author of several books of poetry, and the director of a documentary and short film. He was ranked number 47 on the Rolling Stones '100 greatest singers of all time'.

How Morrison died is still not known - since no autopsy report was conducted and there was no evidence of foul play. The mystery surrounding his sudden death left many questions unanswered, many tears unwiped, many hearts broken.

Kurt Cobain (February 20, 1967 - April 5, 1994)

American singer-songwriter, musician and artist, Kurt Cobain is best known as the lead singer and guitarist of the grunge band Nirvana. The band gained widespread success with their 1991 album 'Nevermind' and the single 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'. Cobain was often hailed as 'the spokesman of Generation X'.

Cobain struggled with heroin addiction, illness and depression, his fame and public image, as well as the professional and lifelong personal pressures surrounding himself and his wife, musician Courtney Love. He was found dead at his home in Seattle, the victim of what was officially ruled a suicide by a self-inflicted shotgun wound to the head.

Amy Winehouse (September 14, 1983 - July 23, 2011)

The British singer-songwriter gained widespread popularity with her hit single 'Rehab' and the album 'Back in Black', which won her five Grammy awards. She was known for her soul music, her whacky outfits, bizarre hairdo and outrageous make-up, which often left her ridiculed by the media.

Winehouse was addicted to heroin, ecstasy, cocaine, ketamine and alcohol and was even hospitalised in 2007 for a drug overdose. She was found dead in her London home and the investigation to determine the cause of death is still open.

Whether it's the number that's jinxed or the lifestyle, turning 27-years-old just doesn't seem too promising for rock legends. As it is said 'to die will be an awfully big adventure', it is for certain that wherever the members of Club 27 are right now they are surely creating quite the jam session!
Jul 22nd

Snow Patrol unveil new single 'Called Out in the Dark' - Listen

By Yuda
By Tom Eames, Entertainment Reporter


Snow Patrol have unveiled their brand new single 'Called Out in the Dark'.

The track will be the first single taken from their upcoming sixth studio album, which will be the follow-up to 2008's A Hundred Million Suns.

The single got its first play by BBC Radio 1's Zane Lowe tonight. It will be released as both a single track and as part of an EP on September 4.

The group recorded the song in Topanga Canyon, Los Angeles with long-time collaborator Jacknife Lee.

Snow Patrol's currently-untitled sixth album will also be released later this year.

Lead singer Gary Lightbody recently revealed that R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe helped him overcome writer's block while working on the new album.

Listen to Snow Patrol's 'Called Out in the Dark' below: