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Aerosmith Live in Singapore 2013

Published by: Yuda on 26th May 2013 | View all blogs by Yuda

You know a legend when you see it. And if you've seen Aerosmith, you'd have understood what a legend truly represents. I have to honestly admit I didn't expect much from this gig but something told me i just had to catch one of America's greatest rock n roll bands and boy was I in for a treat!

After keeping the fans waiting for a good 40-45 minutes, the band finally took the stage with "Love in an Elevator". Steven Tyler with his trademark fashionable shades had it on for a good 2-3 songs before he finally revealed the signature face most of us would recognize on the "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing" music video. 

At age 65, Steven Tyler still packs a real punch in his raspy-screaming vocals for close to a non-stop 2 hrs! Moving all over the stage and dancing for the entire duration of the performance puts us, the younger ones, to shame. While Steven Tyler islike the spoilt rebel in the band attracting all the attention, Joe Perry is like the calm elder brother (though technically he is younger) that just remains cool on stage and does his thing on the guitar. There were plenty of signature moments of Steven Tyler and Joe Perry side by side, who many deem the anchor of Aerosmith. It was definitely a sight to behold and remember for all that witnessed it. 

Things turned up a notch after playing their most successful commercial hit "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing" and Steven Tyler probably broke some windows of Marina Bay Sands. And turning up the entertainment value was a Japanese beatboxer that kicked off the intro of "Walk This Way"  who was later joined by a local dancer (Pardon me for not remembering the names). It just amazes me how much talent we're seeing on stage. 

The encore that  puts the icing on the cake was "Dream On". Preceded by Steven Tyler asking the crowd to shout "Marina Bay Sands" as loud as possible and we'll get a free night stay there, it was a good laugh to play "Dream On" as a response to that :) Joe Perry playing the guitar standing on the piano with Steven Tyler playing the piano and singing. What a sight.

Even after the show, Steven Tyler still has the energy to lip sync over the songs that were playing. What an entertainer!

I would never have imagined Steven Tyler in his 60s still being able to hold up his vocals for close to 2 hrs. Undoubtedly one of the best shows I've witnessed in Singapore. The only bummer of the night was the beverages...queuing up for an hour to get our drinks? Really?

Goodbye for now! Next up, Baybeats!




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