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Live4MusiC Had a Blast at Xmas Music Fest!

Published by: Live4MusiC on 1st Jan 2010 | View all blogs by Live4MusiC
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And when we said  "Blast", we literally meant "Blast!" During Day 1 of our Xmas Music Fest, a car actually caught fire along Armenian Street, seeing fire rescuers putting out the flames and leaving the poor car smoking on Xmas Eve! What a way to start our 3-day gig!

Day 1





Day 1 saw the likes of Sixology and Swiftblade playing acoustic sets to get everyone into the Xmas spirit and their voices certainly graced the occasion. But the day couldn't have ended off better with Ridge stamping their authority all over Maska with their Musicianship and extreme energy on stage! Ridge, yes Ridge, is one band you have to put on your list of must-sees live in action.



Day 2




The gig just gets better as Day 2 saw the likes of GagaRara, LGF, and Catalogue V taking the stage! Turnout was great especially the followers of Catalogue V! GagaRara is one acoustic band with amazing vocals. LGF then heated things up with such explosive enthusiasm on stage with their vocalist and lead guitarist taking centre stage! Catalogue-V, needless to say, possibly one of the most entertaining original Pop bands in Singapore, was exceptional.

Catalogue V


Particularly interesting was their closing song, which saw them collaborate with a local Freestyle Rapper, Derrick Ong aka Tech'One.

Day 3

Paranoid Vision




Finally came Day 3. Paranoid Vision, whose bassist just recovered from dengue was brave enough to come on stage and bring to us a full Paranoid Vision Electric set! Kudos to that!  Next up was Zodiac, a group of extremely talented musicians bringing out the best in popular Mandarin and Cantonese covers. The round off the entire event, it was Elyzia. Having just released their Memento EP, an admirable effort! Bringing the Metal and Hard Rock elements to Chinese music, I have to say they did an amazing job! Absolutely love their original "Monster"!



We really want to thank all the bands who were kind enough to take part in our event and also all those who came down and showed their support! We sure had a great time and we hope you guys did too! Live4MusiC will continue to improve our gigs and provide whatever assistance we can in bringing great live music to music lovers!


Special thanks to JR, Donald, and Darren for the photos!

And here's wishing everyone a Happy 2010!!

For all the photos click here.

For all the videos click here.




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