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Metallica Live in Singapore - Review

Published by: Yuda on 26th Aug 2013 | View all blogs by Yuda

LAMC has helped many Singaporeans and Asians check off an item from their bucket list, watching arguably the biggest rock/metal band of this generation. A 40,000 strong crowd speaks plenty for itself. 

This was also THE most privileged opportunity Live4MusiC ever got offered. To go up close and personal with the very guys that started off my journey in Metal at the press conference. What struck me most during this Q&A session was Kirk Hammet's response to a question about the changing music landscape in this digital age. Yes, the band's controversial story with Napster makes this question juicier but it's a question posed to the band on several occasions. Kirk's reply (in my own words) to the fact that bands can no longer depend on music sales to make a living was that the music scene has gone back to a century ago when recordings were inaccessible and just impractical. The only way to be known and to make a living is to keep moving and keep playing. How true is that. This is not the first time I've said something like this but to the musicians concerned, stop whining and keep playing.

The Sacrilege, a local band, opened the event with soaring vocals from the front woman. Many may deem the band and the performance to be sub-par but I thought they did a decent job at this level. Musically proficient, nice showmanship and good tight sound from all members.

Next up was the legendary old timers, Anvil. A pleasant surprise announcement to this gig. Old in age but young at heart seeing how just 3 man can hold the stage with such enthusiasm and entertainment. A good reminder from these experienced musicians to really not take life so seriously sometimes.

And finally came Metallica. The moment everyone has been waiting for. The epic anthem that kicks off Metallica madness, Ecstacy of Gold definitely raised many goosebumps followed by Hit the Lights and Master of Puppets. You can't start off a gig with punches any harder than those 2 songs.

The band looked in tip-top shape both musically and physically working the stage from end to end and the musicianship sharper than ever. Kirk Hammet's notoriously sloppy playing never showed both times I watched the band.

We've all come to expect Metallica to be monsters on stage and they expectedly delivered on this promise. I would, however, like to give a bit salute to the crowd! Biggest metal crowd to grace a single stage at the same time and all singing and cheering in unison. If you asked me, I could see and feel the gleam from the band's faces. Something that means so much more from a 30 year old band that's seen and played every possible type of venue and to every possible type of crowd.

And that just means one thing, and one thing that matters to all Metallica fans in Singapore, that they will be back soon.

Don't forget to check out the upcoming movie "Through The Never" which will be screened at SHAW Cinemas from 27th August. The official movie soundtrack will hit the streets on 23rd September. 

Big thanks to LAMC for producing this gig and to Universal Music for the huge media invitation. We're indeed very humbled and privilege to be part of this legendary show.




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