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Review of Rudra's MV Premiere (through the senses of a non-extreme metal fan)

Published by: Cynthia on 9th Dec 2009 | View all blogs by Cynthia
Right, so I went to Rudra's Premiere with my boyfriend.
It was at The Substation's Black Box, and there was those removable staggered seats.
For a make-shift seating area, I thought it was pretty comfortable, with red fluffy cushions.
It was a relief for someone who has sustained damages from self-abuse through Run/Walk 10k Standard Charted.
We reached at approximately 5-10mins before scheduled time at 8pm.
There were a decent number of people at that point of time, and by 8pm to 8.10pm, thr crowd starts streaming in. It was a decent crowd for a Monday night, after all the tiring activities that one may have in the daytime. But not enough to pack it like a sardine :)
Soon after, the host started addressing the crowd, I thought he could have done a better job, rather than reading off the information sheet that were given to all of us. He committed a heinous error by addressing the Director of the MV Jacen Tan as 'Jacen Tay' haha.
Oh well, we're human after all.
Apparently not agreed in Rudra's MV, the characters were God-like. (Like duh, they are portraying Indian royals and legendary God etc.) A couple of familiar faces like the dude in Xanadoo (sorry forgot your name), and Joshua of Black Isle Studios.
They have even got help from professional dancers from Apsara Asia & Maya Dance Theatre, (Apsara as in gorgeous fairies, geddit?) and the short film/MV is entirely short against Green Screen. Special Effects are then added in.
In terms of a local MV, I think it is a big leap because I do not think most bands would have the reputation or budget, enough to get this kind of scale done. I bet the crew at Hosaywood must have sweat and bled in Rudra's MV. That's the brutal part imho.
Most of their actions were specially synchronised to make sure that they suit the designs of the special effects afterwards, that I would say is a mad-effort. But ups the passion.
Hmm, I kinda didn't really know what Rudra was singing about, maybe it was not English, or that I just can't pick up words from growls, and due to the unfamiliarity of the epic philosophical dialogue, I am not in any position to critique if the MV was directed well enough to portray the message. But what I get to understand from the MV was that the Prince seemed to be seeking advice from a higher being or maybe a sage? Definitely a reputable and respected figure, and it must be regards to the war.
I come to know that the Prince was in dilemma due to the ruthless unnecessary bloodshed, but I thought that his look of disturbia and reluctance was not very well carried across. I thought he looked fierce, but maybe not fierce enough.
Rudra is their usual performing self in the MV, I thought that there was intended disruption of many scenes repeatedly to create a sense of unrest in the video, and well of course, it's an epic battle scene so that, I thought was great.
On the aesthetic side I thought that the lighting was rather too harsh and there is a slight detail regards to the charioteer and the prince was not 'bouncing' when the chariot was drawn by horses. It was a little awkward.
Other than these minor details, I thought it was rather well-carried.
After the screening, there were the funny "The Making of" and it was nice to see how everything is done, and the funny things that were going on behind the scenes.
I personally feel that what needs to be added is the pains of the editing, production, even to the expression of how the band reacts to the final product.
Then again, it will add more effort to the already tiring project.  
Check out Jacen Tan's other works at HOSAYWOOD.com
After which, Rudra performed a few of their more popular tracks, and we see a steady fence of fans surrounding Rudra, and I quote Kathi "You guys are intimidating me..." lol.
I'm probably gonna get bombed badly by saying these, but I just want to say it anyway.
I thought that the moshing and body surfing was one hell of retarded.
I mean some of you were moshing around like as if Rudra was playing some hardcore punk or something. I know you love to get the adrenaline rushing and what nots, but at least look at what is going on around you. Some few fuckers even shut their eyes.
The filming crew was around, many people trying to get proper coverage, some ah pek trying to get off his seat at the front row nearly got slammed by your insolent madness.
and to that retarded high heeled geeky girl at the back of the mosh pit, I think it is absolutely dumbfuck of you to not wanna get into the mosh pit, and yet stand so close, and keep pushing your male friend who was trying so hard to 'protect' you into the moshpit.
And what happened to moshing etiquette where you help the fallen ones to their feet? Why listen to metal when you just wanna get adrenaline rush by knocking the weaker ones over? What metal teach you to knock the weak ones over? Then why complain about the Man's oppression?
That aside, BODYSURFING in a small area? Look, the rest of the people after supporting the surfer dude, they kinda drop him to the back? omfg?
I am so fucking afraid that you will throw the surfer dudes onto the front man.
I don't give a shit how you feel that moshing is to metal gigs but I do feel that if we stand to love music that expresses the rage against oppression and unreasonable crap, I think we have the responsibility to portray that we are able to enjoy moshing in a violently-amiable manner. By helping your brothers in metal up and be careful where you mosh. And please body surf in a bigger crowd and not some small crowd that can't fucking support your ass. And people supporting, please handle surfer dudes with care.
Ok, so overall my experience was pretty good because the sound system of substation was pretty good and it was enclosed, not much decibel restriction. Too bad I can't get to see the band performing due to the 'wall of death'. But UPs the headbangers/windmillers, especially those with well kept manes.

But I stood to get coverage of one song, you guys can see it at:



  • Live4MusiC
    by Live4MusiC 8 years ago
    cool stuff! anywhere we can view the MV?
  • Cynthia
    by Cynthia 8 years ago
    I think it is embeded on my bf's blog http://todesengel89.blogspot.com/2009/12/rudra-music-video-world-premiere.html#links
  • Cynthia
    by Cynthia 8 years ago
    oh regards to the MV, I don't think it's gonna get leaked anytime soon unless an album containing it got leaked or the band's releasing it.
    We'll hear it out from the band soon enough.
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