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Santana Live in Singapore - Review

Published by: Yuda on 5th Mar 2013 | View all blogs by Yuda

It was the third time Santana graced our tiny island but it was my first time seeing him and his wonderful team of band mates in action. Well known for pioneering rock, latin music and jazz fusion since the 1960s, the composition of his music just blew me away. The tunes that were familiar to me were just Black Magic Woman, Oye Como Va, Maria Maria and Smooth. 

At any one time, there were around 10 band members on stage, including the drums, timbales, congas, trombone, trumpet, bass, guitars, keyboard, vocals etc. The wonderful layering of 3 percussions topped by melody from the wind instruments, the keyboard, vocals and most importantly, the guitar lines from Carlos Santana himself.

I was expecting Mr Carlos Santana to be the centre of attraction throughout the gig  both musically and visually on stage but I was pleasantly surprised that this wasn't the case. In fact, the rhythm section of the band is really what stood out for me throughout the 2 hrs. The african, tribal percussion style combined with the grooviest of basslines makes it really difficult to keep our butts still on our seats. Little wonder why the seats were almost obselette with most of the crowd, especially the front sections leaving their seats to dance to the groove of the music. It was an amazing atmostphere. 

In the middle of the set the beautiful Cindy Blackman, wife of Carlos Santana, took over the drums. Without much attention, I wouldn't even have realised it with her seamless drumming. Even topping things up with a drum solo of her own with an endurance that would put even the guys to shame :(

The highlight of the night was during the song Evil Ways/A Song Supreme, when Carlos Santana does his signature sharing about life. "You have the power, I have the power, we have the power, the power to love. No more violence, no more brutality, no more wars." Such wise and enlightening words from one of the most influential guitarists of all time. Indeed how wonderful and peaceful the world would be if we could all be at peace with one another.

Kudos to Carlos Santana and the band for a great night of serenity, peace and love at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

A big shoutout to Lushington Entertainments for the wonderful opportunity to be part of this night. 

Rock On!



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